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"Discover how a top guru KICKED out the search engines, invented a REVOLUTIONARY way to market ANY product . . . then gave the secret away in an amazing FREE book - ending with the most STUNNING viral twist ever seen"

( And he DOESN'T even ask for your email address ! )

The Ultimate SuperTip

"The greatest viral marketing idea of all time"

... Lynn Terry,

"The greatest breakthrough in internet
marketing for years"

... Will Edwards,

Meet the Guru who broke the rules

There are many Internet marketing gurus who promise to reveal their special secrets - in exchange for a hefty fee.

Not so with Harvey Segal of SuperTips fame.

He gives away his tips and secrets for free.

Like his SuperTips site where you will see his series of free and highly acclaimed SuperTips books.

You can even rebrand them with your affiliate links - all for free.

Harvey is also owner of the definitive information sites full of unrivalled free content
- The Ad Tracking Guide
- The ClickBank Guide
- The Autoresponder Guide

and the number one forum for ClickBank users with over 20,000 members

- ClickBank Success Forum

ClickBank - if you did not know - is the world's largest provider of digital products.

Harvey is regarded as the world's top ClickBank expert and has participated in ClickBank's European Advisory Board meetings.

You can seek out the testimonials at his sites and see how the other top gurus rave about his free products.

And if you want to know how he makes money from free books and free content sites he even tells you - exactly - in the classic free ebook 101 SuperTips.

OK - so what is this leading to ?

It's to assure you that when he now offers his ultimate secret tip it WILL be free and of stunning value. No strings attached.

Now let Harvey take over the story.

In my ebook 101 SuperTips I described Tip 100 as

"The greatest SuperTip of all"

And it was - when I first wrote the book

As time went by I thought of more and more ways to develop Tip 100 with a collection of new ideas.

Until finally I found the unique twist which improved it by a quantum leap.

The magic button

Magic Button

So I decided to put all my ideas in a book of its own - The Ultimate SuperTip.

** This book is free.

** I don't even ask for your contact details, just go ahead and download it.

A 20-second video

What's in the book ?

I don't care what product you have.

I will show you the VERY BEST strategy to promote it

One which will never fall prey to the latest passing fads or the whims of the search engines.

- In fact you'll see why I have said Goodbye to the search engines.

I'll show you an actual product that I sell with this strategy and EXACTLY how I do it - every step of the way.

Which means that you can simply copy my methods and repeat the same.

I reveal the ingenious twist that takes this strategy into orbit.
Ending with an astonishing viral idea - not to be missed.
WARNING: It's goodbye to Google.

If your online business depends on Google prepare for a shock.

I'll show you why in the book.

And if you think it's because I can't get a high ranking site take a peep here.

Here's what they are saying about this book

Unsolicited testimonials from real people with real web sites.

"The greatest viral marketing idea of all time"

Lynn Terry
I got an email last week from Harvey Segal about his new book, The Ultimate Supertip. I took a look at it, ended up reading it cover to cover - - and I was completely floored!

Of course, it didn't hit me until the very last chapter (you'll see why when you read it), but when it did... I knew that Harvey's book was quite simply the greatest viral marketing idea of all time

... Lynn Terry,

"Made me stare in amazement"

Dr Mani
The neat, simple, yet brilliant 'promotional tweaks' made me stare in amazement

All the while, my brain was exploring new possibilities, storing away every little detail for future reference.

And the biggest wallop is packed in the viral element - which allows YOU to profit massively from Harvey's work

In short, this is a MUST-READ. For everyone. Anyone.

... Dr Mani,

"Pure genius"

Mark Idzik
Is it "pure genius"?

That's what some have called this internet strategy of saying goodbye to search engines, with a unique twist.

Find out in detail how to promote any product or affiliate program without needing to keep up with secrets only search engine gurus claim to know (ever).

Don't miss the viral tip, I have to admit it's brilliant.

... Mark Idzik,

"Bound to take the Internet by storm"

Martin Avis
Harvey Segal has come up with a viral ebook that has so many new ideas and twists in it that it is just bound to take the Internet by storm.

It is called 'The Ultimate Supertip' and it is not just an explanation of one of the most powerful principles of Internet marketing, but also a fully working practical demonstration!

You can have this book for free - you don't even have to give Harvey your email address - and then immediately give it away to your friends, subscribers, website visitors, maiden aunts, long-lost cousins and the really clever neat tricks that Harvey has built into it will start to make you money right away

... Martin Avis,

"Everyone wins"

Harvey Segal has done something quite fascinating - a viral ebook that's free, and the affiliate gets 100% of the sales on products inside - yet everyone wins.
... David Pankhurst,

"I had to take a walk round my garden"

William Charlwood
If you are thinking of expanding your internet activities this year, do read Harvey Segal's book on viral marketing. There's no charge for it but it packs a punch.

When I read it I had to take a walk round my garden to think through the implications of his system and then write down some notes! I'm still not sure I've exploited all his tips effectively yet.  As I said, no charge.

... William Charlwood,

"The amazing package"

The full potential your system has for promoting my various products is only just beginning to occur to me. Not to mention the amazing package of ebooks and tools you have thrown in.
... Peter Roe,

"So compelling, so mesmerizing"

Terry Rayburn
Your ebook was so compelling, so mesmerizing, so "suspending of my rational thinking", that I rushed to hit the button at the end

... Terry Rayburn,

"Simply astonishingly intelligent"

Robin Henry
I read a lot of stuff on the Internet, especially about marketing. Some is great, but most is pretty average. However, yesterday I downloaded Harvey Segal's "The Ultimate SuperTip" in which he reveals a few things I already knew and a couple of ideas that are simply astonishingly intelligent. (Wish I'd thought of them!).

One of the most useful concepts he deals with ... for me as an ebook seller ... is the ability to rebrand PDF ebooks from an HTML file "on the fly". And he even shows where you can get an unheard of 100% commission. And that's genuine.

... Robin Henry,

"Magnificent content and ..."

Case Stevens
I call this sheer genius, brilliance. Here's why:

It was not only the magnificent content that floored me ... or even the virtuoso viral touch or the XXX.

What really made my jaw hit the floor was ...YYY

... Case Stevens,

(You'll see what XXX and YYY are at the end of the book).

"The greatest breakthrough in internet marketing for years"

Will Edwards
The Ultimate Supertips e-Book contains Harvey's complete and original system. But not only that, he also provides his very latest viral marketing idea completely free; hailed as the greatest breakthrough in internet marketing for years.

... Will Edwards,

"Beyond amazement"

Tim Spencer
I always thought that perfection could not be improved on. Now you have proved me totally wrong, not once but twice. I'm beyond amazement. Thank you

... Tim Spencer,

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